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At Colbert Law Firm, we take pride in our journey and the milestones we have achieved. Our commitment to justice, combined with our expertise and compassion, has enabled us to secure favorable outcomes for our clients, time and again.
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Client Testimonials

45 reviews on
Christian Givens
Christian Givens
Janelle and her team are the absolute best! They litigated my mother's case with such care. I truly thank God for sending her our way.
LaTasha Wise
LaTasha Wise
Atty Colbert and Mrs. Leeks were very patient and detailed. They were truly a team. The experience was as good as could have been. Thank you so much.
Ms. Janelle Colbert is an excellent attorney and the consummate professional. She handled our son’s case with the most care and concern that put us at ease from the beginning. With all of the twists and turns with the case, Ms. Colbert and her Legal Assistant, Ms. Margaret Leeks, really were on top of things. We were in constant communication and well informed by Ms. Colbert and Ms. Leeks. There were also times when Mr. Ross Ingram proved to be a true team player as well in aiding us. On one occasion that sticks out that really impressed us is when Ms. Leeks called my wife on an urgent matter on a Saturday to put her at ease and answer questions about the case from an email previously sent on Friday. That truly proved the commitment and concern of Ms. Leeks as she represented the Colbert Law Firm in a way that spoke volumes. I give much of the credit to Ms. Colbert for setting the tone of her team to go the extra mile to get their clients the justice they deserve. I am a Marine Corps combat veteran with a background in military intelligence and I recognize and understand the value of teamwork, chemistry among co-workers and high standards of excellence to achieve a desired outcome. The Colber Law Firm has similar military qualities that are familiar to me that I have the utmost appreciation and admiration. When the tense moments came in the case and unpredictable events occurred, we feared our son’s livelihood was at stake, not once, but twice, Ms. Colbert came through. She used her veteran experience as an attorney to invoke actions that were favorable for my son, resulting in exoneration and expungement. Her ability to understand the details of a complex case such as this and use sound, decisive judgement to make the right call was truly admirable. The respect and welcoming presence in the courtroom that she commanded was on full display and duly noted on how the court officials responded to her. That presence, along with everything I’ve stated, proved to be invaluable in the successful outcome of our son’s case. In closing, as I speak for my family in rating the Colbert Law Firm, it comes with great pleasure to give her and her team a 5 Star rating for the top-notch representation of my son. I would use the firm again and recommend them to anyone needing professional legal assistance in family matters. I thank my daughter for referring us to Ms. Colbert as she also previously represented her successfully as well in a legal matter a couple of years ago. Randy Howell
Vera brown
Vera brown
Great lawyer, great customer service, they really take the time to get all the facts.
The minute she took my case I knew I was in good hands,
Jimmy Smalls
Jimmy Smalls
Very responsive to my questions recommend highly
Whitni Richardson
Whitni Richardson
Attorney Colbert and her team are absolutely amazing. Not only were they skilled and professional when handling my case, they also payed close attention to detail and included my desires throughout the whole process. I would definitely do business with Attorney Colbert and her firm!!! Very satisfied
Daryl Fowlkes
Daryl Fowlkes
Mrs. Colbert is the best at assessing a situation, providing a path forward, and representing her clients to the fullest. With my DUI case, she laid out my options plainly, answered every question that I had which dispelled any anxiety and fears I had going into trial, and fought for me every step of the way. I highly recommend Mrs. Colbert and the Colbert Law Firm.
Johnson Arthur
Johnson Arthur
Our case took a very long time to be called but Janelle was equally patient and to the task. Thank you.
Omg ladies if you ever get in a custody battle she’s the one to call if you want to feel like someone truly cares about you and your kids Ms j is your girl she is so personable and loving she took me in at my worst I felt like I was dealing with my aunt(someone who truly care about what was going on ) just by far one of the most knowledgeable smart and caring people if you want to win she’s your girl and in that court room she’s a beast so if you looking for a pit ms Colbert is it she not going to play games with no one when it come to you don’t just take my word hire ms Colbert you will see you will be more then impressed

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