Too often, people will not seek the advice of a drunk driving attorney and will pay the fine or plead guilty to the charges against them without fully understanding what options are available. By pleading guilty, they may face problems they did not expect, including impacts to their driving record and criminal record, difficulty with future employment as well as other collateral consequences. When you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), driving while impaired (DWI) or operating while impaired (OWI), or other traffic violations in Maryland or Washington, DC, you should know that there are defenses available to you. There may be ways to keep a DWI, DUI or OWI off your driving record. We also assist our client with MVA Hearings when you are hit with a suspension of your driving privileges.


Our law office will look at your situation and determine whether the traffic stop was legal. We will examine your driving record, determine whether the police acted appropriately and then decide how to best proceed with your case. Protect your future. Protect your record. Protect your rights. Contact DUI/DWI Lawyer in Maryland and Washington, D.C., Janelle Ryan-Colbert to schedule a meeting today 301.576.6200.